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The Salwar Kameez has transfomed itself since many centuries into various styles and designs. The name has seen lot of variation over he decades. Although In Pakistan where Urdu is still commonly used its still nown as shalwar kameez by lot of people but in Indian and Punjab region of Pakistan its known as Salwar Kameez. In the Northern region of as the designs and cuts of  the salwar kameez changed in modern styling the name Shalwar suits is also commonly used specially in the Norther region of India.

Salwar kameez is made of a long Shirt or tunic called a kameez. The side seams below the waist line is split which makes it a very comfortable attire.

The Salwar is a loose pyjama like trousers which has a string on the waist line for a tight grip around the waist. The salwar is loose around the waist for comfortiblity and slightly below it but gets narrow as it travels down to ankle.

This traditional dress has also revolutionized over many years into an indo western blended outfit. The salwar has changed its traditional look from the punjabi culture to tight fitting salwars ( A body hugging salwar which is tightly gripped to the body from knee to ankle) to Parallel Salwar ( The Salwar Shape is parallel and wide from top to below giving a parallel salwar cut).

The kameez has shown more western touches with deep plunging neck line to salwar with straps on the shoulders to back strings designs. The choices of kameez sleeves are many to full sleeves to short sleeves to sleeveless. The combination of so many cuts and shapes have changed this traditional dress into more modern look.

The Salwar Kameez which earlier always accompanied a dupatta which is a long scarf almost 6X3 feet of fabric matching the designs of the salwar kameez which was used to cover the head or worn around the neck area with the fabric flowing down on the back.

Salwar Kameez has seen lot of changes and now in the modern era with lot of designer entering the market the face of salwar kameez has changed its look complimenting the modern era but still mantaining the traditional ethnic foundation of a salwar kameez. Since 1990's Salwar Kameez started coming in various cuts, designs and with fusion fabric like mix of net and georgette or Cotton and silk. Salwar Kameez has survived many centuries and is sure to be there in our futur centuries.

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shalwar kameez
Shalwar Kameez
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